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199 days ago.


You are an animal lover, and everybody knows that. You treat every animal as your own pet. With that said, your heart was melting when you saw a cat along the way. Unfortunately, this cat is not doing pretty well: the animal is stuck behind a door, and this is just so painful to see for you. This kitty is too cute to be trapped inside, so you have to look for a way to help the cat to escape. The thing is, you don't have a key that can open the door. Because of that, you have to go around the place and find objects that you can use to open the door. Not only that, you also must look for items that can help you to solve the puzzles that you might encounter along the way. There are too many puzzles, and you will need your logic skills for those. The good news is: there are clues that can help you. Those hints can help you to solve the puzzles easier and quicker. You can't take it anymore to see the kitty suffer any longer behind the door. So you have to move as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!
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