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223 days ago.


You were just reading a book in the library when the pages began to burn! You tried so hard to stop the fire, but every time you did, it just got worse. So you stood up from your chair to go to the librarian. However, a very strong force pulled you towards the book. You closed your eyes and braced yourself in anticipation of an impact. But then - after a few seconds - you felt being on sure ground again. You opened your eyes and found yourself facing a palace. It was amazing and it was so huge as well. You always wanted to live in a palace: this one was the one you dreamed of! You stood up without averting your eyes from the palace, when a paper formed in your hands. It had something written on it and you instantly read it. The text was talking about a sword that was hidden somewhere in the area. Now, you need to find the sword and get back to reality. However, there was a warning on the paper: you need to be very careful as you'll be faced with daring challenges. You just need to meet them all and you'll be fine. Good luck and have fun!
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