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261 days ago.


You must have been so tired not to feel the earth shake. And the things around you falling over. It was your exam day. And you spent the whole night trying to cram information into your brain. You always did this during exam days. Your mind just wouldn't accept the information if it didn't feel the need to. So it would only welcome it in if you were to use it immediately. You learned to live with it. However, your body still felt the impact of the condition of your mind. Luckily, you arrived on time and answered the questions. You were not so sure about the accuracy. Yet you were already relieved knowing you didn't miss one item. After a tough day, you went home. Your eyelids just couldn't bear the heaviness they were feeling. The moment you laid down, you instantly fell asleep. You must have had a deep sleep. There was already chaos around you. But you slept through it all. You woke up to see yourself in a mess of things. You couldn't even move freely. However, you didn't feel the need to panic. So you slowly make your way around the house to look for an escape. Good luck and have fun!
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