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325 days ago.


You are looking for a new villa to settle in. As a person who can't stay for more than a year in one place, you need to find something new. Luckily, your friend is into real estate, so he easily finds you new places. However, you still have to approve of the place before he works a contract out for you. You're not only picky but you can be very bossy as well. It's a good thing your friend always carries with him unlimited supply of patience or else he would have given you rotten homes. This time, you want a villa that's not going to stand out much. You want to put your personal things in to make your room come alive. Then you let your friend do the villa shopping so you can choose. The first two villas already have lives of their own. The third has a grey room. This room just has a grey paint on the wall and nothing else. Your friend feels so depressed with the room but you see it as an opportunity to put life in it. Your friend just throws his hands up in despair as you start dressing up the place. In your excited state, you forgot to thank him. So you rush to the door to do so. Good luck and have fun!
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