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289 days ago.


Since you were a little kid, your parents always told you the story about the octopus under your bed. You didn't believe in that tale, because you thought that their goal is just to put you to sleep. But what you didn't know is that they told you the story to warn you of this octopus. You didn't believe anything until this animal showed up from under your bed! Because you didn't listen well to those bedtime stories, you didn't know what to do. The octopus caught you and brought you under the bed. And beneath the bed, there was an octopus city with a huge castle where all the octopuses live. You aren't a child anymore, so you definitely know that this isn't just your imagination. You have to escape from the monster octopus before another bedtime starts, or else you will also turn into a octopus. There are puzzles in the octopus city that you need to solve to prevent yourself from becoming an octopus. You also need to find clues that will help you to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!
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