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270 days ago.


Nothing remained the same ever since you stayed in this forest. Just when you thought you already knew your way around, the terrain changed in a couple of days. It was quite fun for you to witness these changes. Being out in the forest alone, you really had no one else to talk to. But seeing how the surroundings changed made you feel like you were not alone. People were expecting you to leave the forest after a couple of months. Yet you were able to eat organic food and breathe fresh air in this place. And you wouldn't exchange it for anything else. You were fine on your own. You lost your way at times too. But you would find your way after many hours. Then again, it seemed that more and more people wanted to experience the forest as well. One sunny day, you heard a knock on your door. A man lost his way and needed your help. You wanted to tell him the truth instantly but he looked hopeless already. So you put on a confident face and began walking through the paths in the forest. However, he was able to sense that you were not nearing the exit. Good luck and have fun!
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