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383 days ago.


Today is a good day because your eggs might hatch anytime of the day. With this, you went out for a while to gather worms for your little chicks. This mother thingy really excites you and you can't wait to see your children. However, when you went back to your coop, your eggs are not there anymore. Someone might steal the eggs so you quickly used your chicken feet to look for your eggs. Not far from where you are, you saw them at another coop. That is not where they belong. You have to get your eggs out from that coop. You want your chicks to see you initially when they hatched on their respective eggs. Therefore, you have to be quick and get the egg before they hatch. However, you have to solve some puzzles first. You will do everything for your children so you are very willing to solve those puzzles. But first, you have to look for clues that can help you out. Good luck and have fun!
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